Independence Recycling Inc. has a proud tradition of providing a safe work environment for all employees. The management team is committed to promoting a “Safety First” attitude throughout the organization.

Independence Recycling encourages and supports the direct involvement of employees in all aspects of its safety program, working together to establish a safe culture as an inherent part of the company’s daily operations. Independence considers accident prevention to be a responsibility that all employees should work to continuously improve through day-to-day commitment. The goal is to provide the safest work place possible through safety awareness.

To ensure a safe work environment at Independence Recycling, the leadership team is committed to:

• Lead by example

• Demonstrate company safety positions and policies and communicate to all levels of the organization the Safety Awareness message

• Encourage active involvement by all employees

• Conduct weekly safety audits and discuss corrective action techniques with employees at weekly safety meetings

• Establish continuous safety improvement by determining short and long-term safety goals

Independence has established an annual schedule of safety training to be provided for employees on a weekly and bi-monthly basis. The subjects vary from construction regulations to specific needs incorporating hands-on and classroom techniques. The training is documented and sessions rosters are maintained. Furthermore, Independence Recycling is permitted in various states by the respective divisions of air quality control, thereby minimizing the time needed to file a permit.

The employees are trained and certified in the following areas:

• MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration)

• OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 10/30 Hours

• CPR/First Aid (American Heart Association)

Independence Recycling will operate in full compliance with regulations established by OSHA, MSHA, federal and state EPAs, and other regulations at all levels of government.

Independence Recycling was a Division I winner of the Annual OCA's Jerry Keller Memorial Safety Award for 2007 (2007 OCA Safety Award).